Eli Bridges

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Jessica Jones
A hugely popular Netflix series in the Marvel Universe with Krysten Ritter and Carrie-Anne Moss. 

I Also Don't Know What I'm Doing Now
A geek looses an object very dear to him in an eccentric film by Daewon Choi

Sex Drugs Bushwick
A trusting young man is taken by the bright lights, the sights, the sounds, the drugs... and a girl in New York City

The Slaughter
A multiple-award winning film by Jason Kohl about a young man coming of age under the tutelage of his embittered father.

The Slaughter premiered at SXSW and was a Student Academy Award Finalist. It has also screened at multiple festivals including Locarno and BFI London.

Watch the trailer:

Chego's Flight
Chego, a young clown with hopes of traveling the world, is left speechless when the rules of the TSA look to stand directly in his way. 

An American crime-drama series on FOX based on the DC comic universe and following the early days of James Gordon and many familiar villains

Adventures of a Merch Girl
An offbeat webseries about Mile High Merch- an indie band merchandise company that has recently fallen on hard times

Lets Be Out The Sun Is Shining
An impressively well received debut feature - a drama about a shy Indian receptionist taken in by the starving artists of Bushwick


The Slaughter "relative newcomer Elijah Bridges... is the lynchpin of the film. Bridges character embodies a jumble of mix-matched emotions: admiration for his father but resentment of his scorn, all the while nursing the implicit fear that his father’s underestimation is indeed deserved—that he is in fact worthless."
-Short Of The Week

Lets Be Out The Sun Is Shining "Directed by first-timer and NYU alumnus Bornila Chatterjee, this drama shows the audience a glimpse into the world of the starving artists in Bushwick, Brooklyn and provides us with an honest, complicated romance between a young, naive girl and a man who wants nothing to do with love...The film as a whole won the Audience Choice Award." -Business Insider


The Slaughter "A brutal piece of work that was remarkable for the intensity of its images and the devastating performances of its leads."
- Comics Bulletin

Waiting For Lefty "The cast delivers a good solid hour of theater, with Phoebe Halkowich as Florrie and Eli Bridges as Joe bringing strong energy to simple people at the ends of their tethers.

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